Reviews for "The Horse Thief"

This is one of the best games I've played. Seriously. Enjoyed the music and gameplay style. Being such a short game, it is really lovely. Perhaps a little bit too easy (almost died but I managed to make it to the end).

You should definitely make more games, sir. And dat music is awesome <3

Game was pretty good, got 1000+ KBC third and fourth try, but sadly the novelty ran out after that.
It could have got progressively harder, perhaps with a small upgrade system. (3 levels of running speed, turning speed and horse hp or something)

4.5/5, music was pretty sweet.

943 and KBC took, beat that!

nothing suits this game as good as the words fabulously Rock-ass AWESOME
my personally favourite music game on newgrounds!

Solid controls, good music and casually difficult, got the KBC and 1000+ points on my second attempt. The quality of the music was great. The visuals could have been more specifically in sync with the game, for example the floating eyes in the background don't seem to scroll in tempo with the music. It doesn't really affect gameplay necessarily, but I expect that sort of thing in a musical based game. The character options seemed unnecessary, unless I was missing something. It would have been cool if the song, and therefore the level, changed depending on the character. It's not the best musical scroller I've played, but definitely enjoyable and easy to pick up and replay.

LonLonRanch responds:

The character selection is in relation to the members of the band (it's a big band). Thanks for the review!