Reviews for "The Horse Thief"

Weird in a good way, I would have rated it a four but I got an actionscript error at one point

mhe,3 stars

Its nothing new or something I haven't seen before. While it is very much playable I do not feel like there is much to keep one playing and it didn't really feel like it got much harder as it progressed. A big Issue I had though was the difficulity of determening if one could get the squares or not, I found it that pretty much othe only way to guarantee that you got them was the swerve from side to side.

The Music was good though

This is more of an interactive music video than it is a game. Short, easy, and IMO it's just promo for the music more than anything. Since it's under a "games" rating, I have to give this a generous 2. Good luck on any future projects.

LonLonRanch responds:

Rate however you like, but it's technically under a 'Gadgets - Musical' label and would fit under the distinction of a game rather than an animation/movie since it can't be experienced without input from the player.

can you play super mario song on this? I did!