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Reviews for "Super Waa Hoo Bros 2"

do do doon doo do do do ddooooooo dododododdo dadadadadada don da dooo dda do do daaa dodadoaoddaaa doyoyoyo oy doh! doyoyoyo dah!!


what the crap?


This is a funny movie (I like everything here in Newgrounds), and WA HOO.
Sorry, who wants a...
...No. SO MANY SCREAAAAAAAAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want shut up my computer...
...Sorry. I want shut down my computer. For my birthday. And this is the best video for watch in my GREAT birthday. Oh boy.

Now serious, I like this movie for the... for this... No...

In my birthday I want a PS6 and Splatoon 3.

Oh boy.

(Warning: I don't know, but, this is bad english. I speak Spanish, BUT I used the translator but, in this part and this Warning, I don't used the Google Translator).
And I like Mokey Show. But. No, I don't say butt. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this movie for the aparition of Mokey.

I want this video in my Reproduction list. In other words, I want see this video in YouTube.
But says Sr. Pelo. NOT Insanehead. How I can find the original video?