Reviews for "Mechanical Woodpecker"

Wow that was freaking awesome. Man as I stated several times to many yjay flash is a tool and if used properly is freaking amazing. I wish you all could read a post I saw debating on facebook regarding that there are great animators out there who use flash to make amazing work. It's a pity I cannot link it.

I'm surprised that this does not have a higher rating. I think its biggest strength is probably how strong the animation is. You really get the sense that you're off in this strange, scary world. I don't know if there was any deeper meaning, but it's a good submission all the same. My only complaint is that it should have been longer. It lived up to its name pretty well.

I especially think the way we tunnel through everything is cool. It gives you a good sense of being right up there in the action. It doesn't make sense, but none of your cartoons do. It's good to see you making more things. The music is of course fantastic.

that was epic

Reminded me of cyriak's work, great job mate.. I hope to see more of this from you.

Now that was dark.