Reviews for "Lazy Writing 8.5"

Great fan of your works! Keep it up : )


Sweet baby Jesus, the complexity of the gag is hidden behind its simplicity. Combine it with your beautiful animating style and your amazing voice acting... and... and... we've got a master piece. Dare I say, you have become a god amongst men. Its just so funny!

he has murdered AND raped.

I think the main reason this works is because it reveals he's a rapist at the end. I wouldn't be surprised if he was entirely innocent. What kind of person would be raped by a blind guy? I appreciate the animation as always. While it wasn't that well detailed, it's still great to see the movements. The voices are nice too.

I like these Lazy Writings more than Yotam and Fantastia because there is more variety. I just love most of your stuff, dude. I liked how the blind guy couldn't find his way around the courtroom. I have no clue how that would even work in real life, but it's funny. It's short, but nice.