Reviews for "Amy"

Oh... was a sad but great film... My heart was touched because I too am a cat lover... Seeing something like this makes me feel destroyed, but I feel very sympethetic through hard times and the terrible economy... Five stars...

I liked this. I don't care about the animation quality, the structure or the voice acting. A lot of people out there can replicate those qualities at a professional level. What I do care about is that you spent a lot of time on this and put your heart and soul into it, telling a unique story with familiar assets.
It's very honest for what it is.

Thanks for making this, I am impressed :)

That was actually pretty good. The voice acting was a little stiff at times, but other than that, really good.

Exellent voice acting and good story. This reminds me about my cat when she was younger. I cant even count her age anymore.

Where the quality could use some work, no ammount of skill can replace time put into a project. This was a quite good one, and at leas 70% longer the a good number of the animations put up here. Story is always more important then graphics, and there is alot of story here.

I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future, you can only get better with each project eh?