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Reviews for "Wonder Rocket"

it took me too the 90th day to beat it with full upgrades and this game is epic

jjwallace responds:


the game is awesome!!. some feedback.. don't know, if that was a glitch, but i couldn't get the money for the day when finishing the game. i tried clicking continue in the main menu and in the credits menu(2nd time)- got back to the last day before, like nothing happened... i have finished it on 17th day, but continued to the 25th. so maybe i didn't get "veteran", because i have finished it too early?
also, i have noticed "space and back" bonus lighting up, when i guided the rocket straight to the water after lift-off. it showed the distance i got to, the day before, but the rocket exploded on the way back, by hitting satellite.
lastly, a little joke.. you could have added game ending message, something like: "congratulations. you have successfully delivered food(including that astronaut you saved) to the alien life form" :)

jjwallace responds:

Oh man where were you last week, i would have so added that message! haha, love it!
Thanks for the reply

Love it

every time i play a game i rate 5 im now level 2 yay and the game is perfect.

best game in hole world