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Reviews for "Wonder Rocket"


Fantastic game, though not getting money if you reach the end is big flaw! I wanted to continue the game, maybe perfect my spaceship. Even if you don't want to continue it would be nice too see your "score" (money) on what was of course your best run of the game.

Fun, and addicting, but why are there so many hot-air balloons? I can't go 10sec without hitting one.

Man this is addicting, all those upgrades, coins, diamonds and greater things to collect, it just keeps going and going. It's nice seeing the rocket ship morph at the same time, and eventually become more sleek and futuristic, though the island remains the same. There's plenty of variation in the atmosphere, and the trip to the outer reaches of space is... long! Nice work!


Good game without being extremely original. Although, some attention has been put into the details which made it all in all interesting enough. I've spotted a couple bugs :

-Space whales seems to drop with you when you encounter one while out of fuel (whales shouldn't live in space anyway, not enough krill for them out there)
-I couldn't get the "veteran" achievement although I've played for 26 days.
-The achievement under "ace" lacks a description.
-Also, I should be able to recieve the money I've earned from beating the game if I choose to continue.

I've enjoyed it anyway.