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Reviews for "Wonder Rocket"

boosters don't work unless you hit the down arrow first.

such unintuitiveness. uninterested in this.

jjwallace responds:

thanks for your reply, however it sounds more of a complaint than anything constructive. Yes you have to push the button to boost. This is a very common theme. How would you improve it, what would feel better to you? How were the other aspects of the game? thanks

Really good physics, I was pleasantly surprised how the boosters gives one acceleration rather than velocity directly (and momentum was conserved). The only problem I found were those stupid orange things in space that bounce you all around, somehow resetting your momentum. Plz rectify.

Good time waster, great physics for a flash.

okay.. i like this game, but i have found a bug:
if u lost your fuel, and refill it by pure luck, the engines won't do anything

Haha, to think my long forgotten nemesis will await me up there! Oh, that was some nostalgic touch. Thanks. Great game.