Reviews for "The Super Rope Solution"

This a cool little humorous yet intelligible look at the subject. I liked it, it was quirky, well animated, and even metaphorical. You have some high quality works and this is just succeedding in that tradition, keep it up can't wait to see more.

grabbelfant responds:

You can't wait to see more? Well I think you have to because it takes some time to make more, but it's on its way. Oh and thanks!

Waw ! that's really good !

I liked it. There is an interesting design to this animation. You may think you pull the ropes but eventually the ropes pull you!

The alt version would be with a black guy and the tv would be like, " Buy this rope." and the black guy would be like, "Hell no!" bec\ause black people and taught rope don't get along so well.

Loved it. Funny, deep and an artistic presentation of teleshop addiction and in a sense buyers remorse :)

Nice touch that you had Egoraptor voice it without tagging him and using his real name in the credits. Separates the fans of Egoraptor and the admirers of your own work better.

Well done.