Reviews for "The Super Rope Solution"

haha you can never trust tv ads

The visuals and the voice acting were nice, but the whole thing really ended up sounding like libertarian propaganda. It all sounds too preachy. Not that moral delivery is really wrong in itself, but even the design looks like something straight from an editorial cartoon.

I guess the main idea is convenience is the denial of freedom, and is the means to a capitalist end.

I'm sorry. It's just not good as an idea. Well, I'm not really telling you to do anything, but y'know those protesters who wake you up in the morning chanting whatever value it is that's being desecrated? Yeah. To anyone who agrees, it's great. To everyone else, it's just noise.

grabbelfant responds:

Actually it was just a story I came up with while sitting on the toilet. I wasn't aiming for a capitalist end. But sorry for the noise I guess... Thanks for the feedback!

So , the lazy are bad , right

wow, very strange style, but awesome none the less!!

I really liked it!