Reviews for "The Super Rope Solution"

super amazing. I get tired of all the video game parodies on here and so when i see something like this that's original and artistically done it's really refreshing. Keep up the great work.

Great! Very enjoyable


The controler being controled, huh, that was an interesting twist. I was expecting something with a noose, but this was different. Great animation, great voicing, and a pretty eerilie realistic finale. Makes me think of the future world in Wall-E, everything covered in trash, nobody fit for control. Kinda similar concept but... different. Great work!


This is the fate of those who become so lazy and weak they need expensive and unnecessary contraptions to accomplish the easiest tasks.People like this are just begging to be taken advantage of by greedy and pushy salesmen who have no problem bleeding them dry of every last cent.Unless we learn to only purchase absolute necessities when it comes to self-care,we will lose not only our money but also our very individuality to the corporate parasites.We either take care of ourselves or drown in our own overdependence leaving only the "providers".It's all up to us,folks.