Reviews for "The Super Rope Solution"

Truly thought provoking. Makes you want to switch the TV (read: computer) off and do things the slow way for a while. Unfortunately we'll all be logged back on within the hour.

pulling the right strings, that is the key... worldwide... too bad many people shan't get the right message. They live.

This was actually quite frightening...because it's dangerously close to what we're becoming. The "easy solution" to everything is all we seem to be searching for. Why?
Anyhow, wonderful job! Very well done.
5/5!! :)
'Tis very true, and it's kind of sad.
Hope to see more from you!

Beautifully done. The animation style was smooth and had depth but was simple and sketchy. The story was cute, funny, and thought provoking. Thank you for this amazing video. I honestly have nothing to complain about.

Excellent work on this, 5 stars for the originality and hilarious depiction of the single middle class lazy lifestyle. It was thought provoking and made me pretty depressed to see someone squander their life away the way you depicted.