Reviews for "The Super Rope Solution"

Had a rather Tales of the Crypt feel... or Goose Bumps. :P

The art is this is odd, the animation is fantastic, but the twist is cliche'd and dull. If you're going for a standard "good thing is secretly terrible" twist, use something more visually striking

grabbelfant responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

nice animation and funny ,when we relinquish all our thinking to google ,socialising to facebook and physical activaties to handy gadgets and getfit now ideas what control do we have what freedom do we have are we running our lives our is it the companys we pay to live our lives for us ;)

The alt version would be with a black guy and the tv would be like, " Buy this rope." and the black guy would be like, "Hell no!" bec\ause black people and taught rope don't get along so well.

the ropes can do everything- exept be a toilet.