Reviews for "The Super Rope Solution"

Great and original visuals, good audio, very nicely put together. Nice one!

I see what you are getting at. The need for everything fast and quick can produce mass lazyness. They control us all!!! we are all roped in... ha ha. Great graphics =) I liked this a lot

Good art, it reminds me of pastel games style. Have you tried making flash games similar to this style? if not please do as I like your art so much.

fantastic in every way, the animation the art the story. it really deserves more than 5 stars

Fantastic metaphor for capitalism in general. This could be seen in several ways, such as the increasing dependence on technology, or even the continual inability to guard against the onslaught of advertisements or consumer culture in general. Either way, the products which are promised to make our lives better all too often do the opposite; they take away the very things we need the most to profit a few at the top.

Excellent submission. 5/5