Reviews for "Stonelegs 2"

I feel that the only thing a game needs is enjoyability value and I loved all of the puzzles in this game. Sure, sometimes the controls were a little finicky and the soundtrack was repetitive but I liked the puzzles and how they are different to other games and I think that the amount I enjoyed it justifies the 5 stars. If I were to give an improvement for the next game (and I hope you make one) I would say to have more and less repetitive music, maybe one for each zone. Anyway, this was a great game, I hope you make more.

Way underated. Hard? Maybe challenging at times but that's the point. It wasn't borring at all. The story and dialogue were funny( I really liked the simplicity).

And as for silenttourture and EpicMooCow... If u would put half the passion of ur critisism into playing u'd probably do fine. I kind of feel sorry for u if this level of difficulty makes u frustrated.

Anyways good job! I look forward to ur next work!

To be honest, I have to agree with everything EpicMooCow said.

The music quickly got annoying, the pixel art is nothing new, original, and inspiring, and the storyline leaves MUCH to be desired.

However, I'm the kind of gamer who's actually willing to overlook these kind of things for good gameplay. After all, I can always just mute the game's music and put on my own, and the storyline is often only secondary to the gameplay.

But, you see, that's the problem. The gameplay is absolutely terrible. I played through about 30~ levels before getting utterly bored (and frustrated) with this game. Why do I say the gameplay is horrible?
1) This game is labelled entirely incorrectly. Nothing about this game is action, and calling it a platformer is a bit of a stretch, my friend. If anything, this game is a puzzle game. After all, it's not like you're free to move (a key element of every action game). You have a limited number of jumps, and must think and plan your moves to be able to collect all the mana bits before running out of jumps (sounds like a puzzle to me...).
2) There is a fine line between making a game difficult, and making a game frustrating. Difficulty occurs when the goal you're after is challenging. Frustration occurs when the goal is not necessarily challenging in and of itself, but is made so by bad gameplay mechanics. In the game, you constantly had us trying to hop onto platforms and into chutes that were exactly one block wide. Considering how sensitive sideways movement was, and the fact that you CONTINUED TO SLIDE ON THE GROUND AFTER LANDING, this was made into an impossible task. I often had to retry the same level upwards of 30 times just because I kept sliding off the one block wide platforms. Remember Skudge, not everybody has pinpoint accuracy, and those who don't are not going to spend hours trying to learn and perfect the game. They, like me, will just give up on the game and go do something better with their life.
3) It was boring. After about the 5th level the game quickly got repetitive. Throw in the frustration that comes with it, and well, your game's gonna bomb.

I'd highly recommend working on, if nothing else, the game mechanics, so that this game isn't quite so goddamn difficult.

Well I liked it, the concept's so weird it's actually funny, I have a feeling this was your intention. Personally, I thought the difficulty level was good, it wasn't TOO hard it just took a few tries to complete some of the levels. Oh and I liked the graphics, they work perfectly when the level view is from so far away. Anyway, good stuff :D

tha game ain't bad, n***az just used 2 the normal sht in games. I like it, cuz its different.