Reviews for "Stonelegs 2"

Meh, I would of preferred it if there were difficulty settings so that you didn't have to execute everything to perfection after the first few levels.

Enjoyed the first one quite a bit. This one lost me when, two levels in a row, the turn-to-stone function on the down arrow failed to crush the stones beneath me, leaving me resting on theoretically-breakable rocks without enough jumps to get to where I needed to be. Dropping this a 4 rating on faith that this was unintended and is likely to be fixed, and on the likely possibility that since the first one was so good this one is too--I just didn't get to it.

Very cool concept. Challenging and surprising. When I saw the story, I was like, this guy rocks! Then he was like, "You hav legs made of stone!" and I was like, "FUCK!"

For having legs made of stone, I sure do slide a lot. Pretty good game.

awesome game, its refreshing to see innovative game styles like this on newgrounds. when I first started I was incredibly disappointed, as I thought that I would be slaying monsters and killing shit with mah mighty long sward (I have not played stone legs 1). I almost stopped playing. then it pressed the up arrow(the what arrow?) HOLY FUCK. HE JUST USED HIS SWORD AS A MODE OF LOCOMOTION. I nearly had a heart attack. Keep up the good work.