Reviews for "Stonelegs 2"

Loving It! Its great how much your able to get out of each mechanic. The game has really great level design and is alot of fun once you get past the huge difficulty curve at the start. I'm stuck at level 3-9 though, what am I missing?

Can break through stone, can't break through dirt. Stonelegs logic. :/ Fun game though.

Cool game!

I remember playing the original Stonelegs and enjoying it. You've definitely expanded and improved on it. I liked how you introduced new elements and challenges with each area. I admit that I did find the controls a tad frustrating at times, especially when I would get snagged on a platform that I feel like I should have missed. It's a tricky thing to manage, because you want there to be some challenge. I wouldn't have wanted the game much easier, but obviously others would have preferred that. This isn't a game that lends itself to various difficulty levels, so you were bound to please some people and not others. The final boss/stage was a cool way to end things. I never did figure out how to earn that freaking Zero-Bomber and Addicted medal. Oh well. Keep making cool games!

Got to 1-5, then stopped because of how spectacularly finicky turning to stone to break through blocks is.

"Okay, THIS time I made sure to use the cliff wall as a buffer so no part of me is off the stone... Aaaaand it still won't break, because I'm not pixel perfect dead center I guess."

If you can't even break them while your body is completely within the width of the block, that's just sad.