Reviews for "Stonelegs 2"


Loved it! 5/5 :D
The difficulty curve was smooth and having levels with more jumps then necessary made mistakes acceptable and the game play relaxing.
+Very smart how the jump delays are used in world 3.

Try my level titled "Secret medal Bunny" ;)

Man, this is such a fun game, and challenging too!
I love the old PC style graphics and music. It reminds me of the days when games only had the stock PC speakers to give us audio. Good stuff!
Also, very cool that you added a level editor and of course the medals are very much appreciated as well.
I hope you continue to make more Stonelegs games down the road.
Keep up the amazing work!

it's ok not to bad

While this game was obviously meant to be frustrating, it often reached the point for me where the failure of game mechanics (Button pressing, jumping just as you hit the ground, squeezing between two blocks, etc) became so frequent that I honestly hated the game. It was a fun game in the end when you reflect on it, but annoying as hell to play through (as I said though, still a good experience in retrospect).
On a side note, two things:
1: Isn't the background for the forest region the background in William and Sly? It looked just like it.
2: If at the end, if he throws his sword, can't he then not jump? I just imagine him standing there triumphantly and then being like "Shit, I can't move."