Reviews for "Flairs - Truckers Delight"

The animation is hilarious, the clip is original and the music is fantastic. 5 stars

Man I saw this at Lowlands 2008! Freaking amazing! The whole crowd was laughing their asses off.

Being an 8-bit film everything should have a real limited feel, but the visuals in this felt really rich and fun to look at everything was well done visually character design color and all. Really crude style but still really interesting to look at. Really Good shit.

I thought I had seen this before, then I saw the upload date. Took it long enough...

Holy fucking shit dude that was...very adult but funny at the same time, amazing music and animation style as well. Now typically I'm not a fan of adult rated flashes lately they have been terrible, but you really nailed it! So thanks for the laugh and um boner in a way haha!!!

Great job looking forward to more!