Reviews for "Fraynds!"

That was actually pretty funny, and even if it is rough around the edges I love all forms of stop motion and majour props to anyone who does it. Simple and short, but humorous.

Though one comment that is inconsequential to the flash itself but - "Music by DJ RYU"? Uhm, sad to say but no, unless it's a remix that sounds exactly the same, that song is the instrumental version of "Bran New Love Song" by The Pillows.

TYPFY responds:

Yeah, if you could hear the longer version of the song, it's actually a remixed version of the Pillows song. Unfortunately, I did not know that at the time I made the video, so the credit is a little misleading. Not trying to steal anything from the Pillows, so I'm probably changing up the song in future projects. DJ RYU has a ton of great original tracks, wish I'd done my research a little more.


That was fucked up.

it was wel animated but realy stupid and anoying to watch maby a todler would enjoy it