Reviews for "Hulk Vs Wolverine"

I love this. I would also like to ask how you achieved this art style... Did you just redraw over a simple outline in certain places? I really love the style, and would like to know how to create a similar "sketchy" effect. THANK YOU

SirDoodlez responds:


Thanks for the kind words,
I drew them with the sketchy lines from the get go and just left it that way and didn't clean anything up. Then I colored under the line on a different layer. I honestly did it to save myself time and it kinda worked out in the end :)

cool! can't wait for the next...

Strange and funny. I liked the art style. Atlhough, why a garbage alleyway as the background?

SirDoodlez responds:

Good question to be honest, first thing that popped in my head so I stuck with it :)

will there be a part two fo this or something else like spidey ve iron man ?

SirDoodlez responds:

:) Definitely more to come ... I'm still working on who vs who :)

This had me laughing for a lot longer than I expected. Genius and stylish. Should we expect more of this?

I hope so!