Reviews for "Hulk Vs Wolverine"

good ^^

Idk what others are talking about, that was hiliarious and cute. Plus the animation was awesome. Very unique style. I love it. Gave you 5 stars. What program did you use to create this? (i'm sure you have been asked that a billion times)

SirDoodlez responds:

Hey thanks tons,
I used Flash to animate and color the characters and photoshop for the background.

Wolverine is annoying.

Cute, and simple. I personally didn't find it that funny, but your style is just too awesome to give a bad review. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

SirDoodlez responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate the honesty and your good review.
Yeah, comedy is a tricky one.

Kewl video but I didn't like the end...
Wolverine would just be pushed away and not separate form his legs...