Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

ok first off. this camera view? really? isometric.. from a straight overhead angle like this? that was absolutely terrible. make it sidescrolling or overhead

secondly. your attack and jump keys are swapped from how they are in other games. making this a pain to play.

secondly... u can't pause with space? so you really expect us to move our hands from the arrow keys over to p to pause? (or worse, to the mouse to click) did you even actually think about usability?

the slow motion, barely off the ground jump was annoying and difficult to time.

overall this just reeks of lack of effort on your part.

I'm sorry, but this game is just awful. It's not a challenge, it's just difficult to play by design.

The perspective chosen is the worst possible for this type of game, where you just have to pray that you're lined up with the walls (Think you have the time to check your shadow? No. You don't).

You can barely control your character, too. This isn't a game that gets any charm from slippery controls or hoping that you don't run into any narrow corridors. In the end, this is all about luck, and how many times you're willing to push Space in the hope that the random generator gives you something manageable.

0/5, a complete failure.

The slow motion effect's messes up game play, and sharp some times there's barely enough room to zig zagging all the way up to the top to all the way to the bottom. Also, a knight who jumps over a 8 foot long deathly pit filled with spikes and slaying ogres along the way has one god awful weakness... running into a wall. Doesn't sound right nor is it comical enough to pull through a 3 second, fast paced trail and error game.

Beat it, and now I unlocked survival mode. What's the difference? Starting all over again from the beginning, but wait. What's this annoying little screen constantly popping up asking if I want to put my score on the leader boards? I don't freaking care! I just want to restart!

Sigh... it's been awhile since I seen people who make games convince themselves that their game isn't broken. It's just "hard." That's during the atari and 8 bit days. Look out, here comes the broken indie era.