Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

Well, this is certainly not one of you best games. But this is a fun game none-the-less.

The controls are quite nice and simple. Easy to learn and easy to get used to. Sometimes though, it felt like they could be a bit unresponsive. Especially when trying to do actions in quick succession and in higher speed zones.

Graphics are alright. The backgrounds and such look very nice, with a pleasing shading look and glow of the torches. The broken floor tiles also added a nice touch to the design. The spikes were a bit clustered looking, but didn't really look too awful. However, I feel the knight and orcs look far to flat compared to the level. In fact the orcs looked down right derpy in appearance. I could see a point in making the knight looking flat to make them look more distinguished from the level, but the orcs just look rather rushed.

Music is quite nice. It gave quite an intense feel to the running. I do dislike how it pretty much resets every time you die, but it's nothing really worth complaining about.

Sounds are pretty good too. The clinking of the armor as you run was a nice touch, and I love how satisfying the crashing into the wall sound was. The squishing of the orc axes and falling into the spike sounds were decent as well.

Gameplay is fun, simply put. While I don't find the main game too challenging, what with the checkpoints and such, the game still has a good bit of challenge to it in both Main and Survival mode. The slowdown effect for when you get the speed 3 and higher ended up being both a blessing and curse to me. On one hand it made it easier to do multiple actions in succession, such as cutting three orcs and then jumping a pit. But on the other hand it made it rather complicated to move into hallways. Oftentimes I would end up crashing into a wall because I went up too far due to overestimating how long I'd have to push a key.

I do sorta feel like some more could have been added to the game to make it more interesting. More enemies perhaps, or maybe secrets could be hidden in those little passageways that you'd run past. They could be like shortcuts to go deeper in a level or something, I dunno. I also think making the longer and adding some sort of bosses to it could make it more intense, and more challenging to boot.

In short, a fun little time waster of a game. While it isn't the best game I've played, I've had fun with it.

not so challeging as expected

My only real question is with game design: the slow motion is quite jarring, and while acceptable, coupled with the loose controls... I feel this game could've used swim lanes to greater effect.

I did finish it, it wasn't impossible, it just felt...unfinished in that regard.

Hard? No.
Annoying when your screen slows down, mitigating any button you tried to press and killing you? Yes.

If you're going to have a "reflex/bullet time" gag or whatever, let THE PLAYER control it. It nearly killed me or DID kill me every time it happened, because of how out of sync it throws you. Also, triple the length- right now it's on cake-walk mode.

It's a very good game, but slowmo's are really annoying.