Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

Gaining the Pendant takes a bit but once you unlock it it's definitely a fun challenge to gain the last two medals and takes a while to master the 500 meters but its fun to do.

This is good but the controls get worse as it gets faster. Despite this fault, you still did a great job at this.

Honestly, not that great. It's a great concept, and once again, Scriptwelder's style is great. But i think it was bad because of the fact that as you progressed, the controls got worse and worse, and the fact that obstacles were randomly generated would f*ck me over from time to time. I just felt like it was too difficult to be fun, but it had a lot of potential.

The concept is great, but the issue is that the game gets more difficult mostly due to the controls getting worse and worse than not.

You found the eternal pendant of infinity now you can play endless mode. that sucks. I wanted treasure or princess. Otherwise it´s nice game with epic music and sound effects, just why he has to run so fast, I can´t press the keys in time. it´s a lot different from your adventure games, which are the best you made.