Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

That feel when you can't jump and attack at the same time, but the game wants you to anyway.

That aside, very nice game! Felt very Super Meat Boy because of the difficulty. Take my 5 -- you deserve it. ;)


ahahah, it's so nice and funny, congrats! xD
But, i want to add another challenge...the "hard mode" if we want to call it: try to play this game when you're drunked (or at least, when you have to sleep) :P

They way he crashes is absolutely hilarious. The build up when your running and you hear the constant clanking of his armor, and then just the sudden crash that sounds like a sedan ramming into a kitchen cabinet. The music stops dead, along with his momentum. The comedic timing there is perfect.
Also, I like how his jump has the right weight to it, given what he's wearing.

I enjoyed the one sided Dungeon better since it was random every time I died.
Also I notice the music was speeding up when hit the 100s mark nice added touch.It's very rewarding to get pass the 100s range and found the first game mode to be forgiving.