Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

The hardest part of this game was jumping when the achievement came up. Beat it in 3 tries.

Okay. The controls were bad in the sense that you could not edit them. I felt like I would get carpal tunnel from how I had to position my hands. Perhaps letting us choose our controls is something you should think of in the future.

Between 100-300m the having a monster + a trap RIGHT behind them was almost impossible to do. The slo-mo function was brutal at 300m. As was It would fuck you up, every time. At 400, it the slow-mo was a Godsend. However, like I said before, at about 400, the controls really started to shine from how awkwardly you had to place your hands to react fast enough.

All in all, nothing new, pretty boring, bad controls and timing on some things.

Great game, but it wasn't so hard that you would rage.

Brilliant genre mix! My only complain, some of the difficulty comes from (imo) design. Slowmo is cool (very cool!) but being random it will get me killed almost everytime since the transition from slowmo to high speeds normally gets me overdoing next move (and crashing). Oh and brilliant sound effects! I'm still lauhging at the idea of Sir Knight running like crazy with all that armour... and the bang & clatter produced when that momentum is oposed to a wall XD...
I got the infinity pendant, but got the impression difficulty was random depending on the map you get each time: some combinations are impossible at high speed, specially with the slomo. Apart from that, CONGRATULATIONS!

warning: this game is hard. It will immobilize you, and then feast on your internal organs while you yet live. but no pressure.