Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

Game was ok. But as others pointed out: it's not really hard in the way that you can master it with skill.
I beat it in a few tries and it was more or less luck whether the obstacles were dogdeable or not.

well challenging but not necesarly hard i hate hat sometimes in the 400 area cause it goes insanely fast i end up jumpin or attacking twice with one press and the slow mo was goos but i think you should have a option to turn it off but the game was alright you get a 4 my friend

The slow motion effect's messes up game play, and sharp some times there's barely enough room to zig zagging all the way up to the top to all the way to the bottom. Also, a knight who jumps over a 8 foot long deathly pit filled with spikes and slaying ogres along the way has one god awful weakness... running into a wall. Doesn't sound right nor is it comical enough to pull through a 3 second, fast paced trail and error game.

Beat it, and now I unlocked survival mode. What's the difference? Starting all over again from the beginning, but wait. What's this annoying little screen constantly popping up asking if I want to put my score on the leader boards? I don't freaking care! I just want to restart!

Sigh... it's been awhile since I seen people who make games convince themselves that their game isn't broken. It's just "hard." That's during the atari and 8 bit days. Look out, here comes the broken indie era.

I don't think the difficulty warning really needs to be there. This game isn't very hard at all.
I got all the achievements in a few minutes.
A few complaints.
There are points in the game when you need to attack and jump at the same time. But the game does not allow this, causing you to die.
Also, the slow motion is pretty bad and doesn't need to be there.

If you think challenge is the same as malignantly designed then I think that's a good definition. However, for the rest of us people this isn't challenge this is just bad. The controls are sticky or too lose, they lack the refinement that you seem to demand from the player. The obstacles are often just unbeatable, if you come out of a narrow corridor and have to run up to the top of the screen while jumping over a spike pit to get to the top-screen corridor then you're probably going to get a face-O-spikes.

So challenging no, bad indubitably. It's not even a good time waster. There are plenty of games on Newgrounds alone that do this kind of game better.