Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"


nice game, was looking for such challenge for a while
didnt find any "impossible" situations as mentioned by pthers, only "hard" ones

Aside from certain near-impossible situations (as many have already mentioned), not bad. Great game to occupy yerself with for a little while. Biggest pain I experienced was speeding up directly on obstacles, without allowing adaptation to the new pace i.e. air-time when jumping

Not so much hard as it is poorly designed. Really, a game like this shouldn't have moments that are impossible, but the controls render certain obstacles guaranteed killers. If one is faced with two obstacles back to back, one cannot slash and jump at the same time, nor can a player double jump over two spike pits. The cruelest of all is a wall immediately on the other side of a pit, so that, even if a player can make the jump, he or she is still going to hit something as soon as the knight lands.
Brilliant idea, quick and straightforward, but poor execution. Revisit it, clean it up, and make a proper sequel.

This is a fun enjoyable game, but... like others mentioned, there are annoying parts.
For example, the game requires you to jump AND slash at the same time when there is an enemy and spike pit put together, and there is no option to do this because you are only allowed to perform one action at a time, which forces the player to die.
Another example is moving and performing an action like jumping OR slashing, in which for some reason you are not allowed to do so do to player controls.
Otherwise, this is a fun enjoyable game, it merely forces the player to die randomly on occasion with no option of living regardless of what the player does.
It takes much effort to master the game. It is indeed hard for those without skills. But it is hard for those with skills as well, due to the flawed nature of the game and the lack of effort by the author put into the game's control scheme.