Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

I didnt like the part you quit and when you click to try again THE GAME RESETS!!!!!!!!!
I was at 499meters then the game crashed!!! come on!!!!
After some while i completed the game, BUT STILL DOESNT UNLOCKED THE SURVIVAL MODE!!!!!!!

very intersting game, but the slowmotion in some action can be really REALLY disturbing and made me lose my focus several time... i don't think i'll finish it ^^">

I didn't even play that much of it but I found what little I played to be vastly entertaining. The crashing sound upon death-by-wall was enough to get me laughing my ass off, even if it is just a stock sound effect, the execution made it far funnier than it should have been. Well done on that if anything.

Very entertaining game but if even I can win it, it's not that hard. I died many times because of the medals as well. And it gets tiring to go trough the instructions over and over again in the survival mode. Still, over all 5/5.

Good game but an epileptic music who driving me crazy :p