Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

good game

The Normal mode was a bit easier than I expected, but thanks to the Survival the game's still enjoyable after being beaten.

Haha, this game is REALLY fun and definitely delivers on the difficulty level.

However, it's a bit irritating that you can't move your knight backwards to help in the super tight spaces. Not necessary, but it would help a little bit I think.

Good game, dude!

Well made game! (Sad that I didn't have the skills for the last 100 meters) I only had a couple problems with it. I found it nearly impossible to survive a death pit immediately after an enemy. But, that didn't happen too often, so that's okay. I liked the little slo-mo special effects occasionally.

Overall, great game, nice features, very enjoyable!

Another game that's top quality! nice job!