Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

As simple as they get.. yet still entertaining. You just run forward dodging walls, jumping over pits with spikes and slashing oncoming enemies. Of course it gets gradually faster, but not so that it becomes unfunny.

Sounds are good.. especially when you hit a wall. You almost wanna hit them.

A game for when you need to pass some time.. and a great one at that. Can't give less than 5 stars.

Not bad, but I feel like it has no replay value. If there was a score system, a little bit of variety in the monsters or types of traps, a bestiary, or even a sort of boss fight maybe? Just suggestions.

My only real problem with it is the replay value. Otherwise, it's a decent game. The orc faces made me so mad when I ran into them but in the end that did make me want to try harder to kill them lol.

The game was good and the use of pixel art was nice.

The only two problems I have is how close the monster and the pit are to each other, this leads to the second, lack of response time.

1. You don't need to increase speed in the scrolling to make it harder. You can just make the dungeon more complex.
2. Because of the insane increase of speed, you can't see the traps in time to counter them.
3. Have a large monster chase the knight, this can force the player to move to the right of the screen.

That's all for now
Good game overall

Really nice game. I don't feel like saying "good" or "bad" game, only because how extremely simple everything is. But first things first...

My major complaint would be about graphics. Now don't get me wrong, I love pixel art, especially when the animation is good. Which isn't really a strong point of this game. While the knight you play as is nicely made (although I didn't really liked the slashing animation, but that can be just me) the rest is quite static. Killing orcs is satisfying thanks to blood and all, but when you don't kill them, they are just standing in the place. If they had at least some animation for standing, I would be happy, even more so if they actually moved.

That leads to my second problem with this game, and that is how basic everything is. I don't mind that, but I couldn't help but think how more awesome this game could be, if it was more complex. By that I mean bonus points for pits and orcs, boss fights, different dungeons and traps. The only difficulty I had was running into the walls and sometimes not pressing jump button fast enough near pits.

About medals, I think they were a bit too much easy to obtain. It was okay for normal mode, but survival was pretty much the same thing and since I played survival right after finishing the normal mode (as I usually do) I had little to no problem acquiring all of them in one take.

The game made me think of old space shooter games, and thanks to that, I think some sort of score system would actually make me more motivated to play the game. Also more freedom of movement would make me happy.

On the plus side, music and sounds were really good. Bigger variety would make me happy, but what is there is good, and the game, as short and simple as it is, was enjoyable. Also, the graphics are actually good, even if basic. However, I would prefer smaller, more detailed and colorful sprites.

This game could be a lot more if there were more content and more variation in enemy types and their actions, as well as maybe some sort of reward for killing them. Also more traps and dungeon "types" would be good. Whole fantasy setting makes me think of some rpg-lite elements, but even without them the game has, in my mind, good potential to be awesome runner/dungeon game.

So, to sum it up:
- definitely more variety in enemies, traps, and dungeons
- score system would add some replay value
- more music for different dungeons
- more detailed sprites with better animations would make the game more enjoyable, if it were bigger
- boss monsters would add some variety, if done right
- I would consider adding some rpg elements, but they are not really that much necessary

In this state, the game is nothing more than a simple and short game, which I finished in under one hour. However, I had fun while playing, but after obtaining all the medals (I'm no medal hunter or anything, but after the quite short normal mode, there was hardly any other motivation for me) I found the content a bit lacking. I don't really felt the usual need to play the game again, even though this one is good.

The game deserves three and a half stars for what it is. Simple and enjoyable, but really short and lacking variability. However, I'll give just three stars, because in my opinion, this could be much, much more.

Sorry, Scriptwelder but this game is below par. you are an extremely talented story teller and you make great games but this? The perspective: you are running on the floor and from what I can tell the obstacle are BELOW you..meaning you should fall down not hit something which is below your level. Also..you cannot jump over those obsticles so I don't get it really.