Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

was fun... got almost to the end and i was playing while waiting for a league of legends lobby to finish and when it finished it popped up to the loader... the last thing i saw was my hero running into the wall... fun game but really not that hard just hold down attack and press jump as needed...

not so challeging as expected

Decent game, though the jump felt temperamental as all snot. My biggest complaint would be the pits, especially with the jump feeling like it got shorter the faster your speed went.

Thanks for the warning that it gonna be a hard game. I honestly don't look for challenges often so the warning got me ready to play it. The game is just awesome, frustrating but it was my reaction time i was frustrated with ha. The controls are solid and i had to stop at checkpoint 3 cuz its late. Put this at Dave and Busters arcade.

Great game, challenging with the slow motion and all the death was totally our fault xD