Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

Very challeging game, not ragequit style but hard enough to make you feel : I have to beat this because I can. Very poor graphics that make the game run easily everywhere.

I like this game, and i think sharpnova is a little bit retarded, what is wrong with the camera wiew? A lot of games have this camera wiew, and now pause with p is a problem?
btw, the slow motion is really annoying, because i died a lot of times for the slow motion, and in a pixel game i dont think is a very good thing, but good game

ok first off. this camera view? really? isometric.. from a straight overhead angle like this? that was absolutely terrible. make it sidescrolling or overhead

secondly. your attack and jump keys are swapped from how they are in other games. making this a pain to play.

secondly... u can't pause with space? so you really expect us to move our hands from the arrow keys over to p to pause? (or worse, to the mouse to click) did you even actually think about usability?

the slow motion, barely off the ground jump was annoying and difficult to time.

overall this just reeks of lack of effort on your part.

The slow motion effect was rather annoying.

fun game, but there's one thing that kills my mood more than anything else, the controls.
WASD is practically a must (at least WS). we all know that arrows are for casuals.