Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"


A well done game, but...

There were just a couple of things wrong with it in my opinion. Now nothing that makes it unplayable or unbearable, but it just seems like the problems should be addressed. For one thing, I have a problem with the way that the dungeon spawns randomly. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad we get a different challenge when we die-- but it shouldn't be so noticeable that it's foolish. For instance, when I was running, there were some hallways that I couldn't enter through that there were still enemies in. Why would enemies be waiting in a hallway that couldn't be entered anyway? That's not a big problem, but it still kind of detracts from a perfect random generated experience. And about the enemies-- they never caused me any trouble. Ever. Because all you have to do is hold down the Z button and then you're absolutely invincible to them. I feel like there should be a cooldown time between each swing at least, so that you have to time them for the actual enemies. And finally, the slow motion jumps. It just throws me off whenever I'm moving incredibly fast and then all of a sudden there's this random slow motion cut that isn't necessary. A fast moving game shouldn't just slow down like that at basically random-- it just makes the fast parts feel clunkier.

But I really did enjoy this game. It had a very good natural difficulty progression, and as I stated before, the randomly generated hallways made for a different experience every time I died, so I didn't get bored or frustrated with a single part. While there were a couple of things that could be fixed, overall it was a very fun and noteworthy game.

By the way-- is the medal "Leg, Teach Me How To Run Fast!" a PewDiePie reference?

it was a fun little time passer and it was enjoyable, but maybe next time make a substitute button for up and down because my computer has half sized buttons for up and down, making me sometimes mess up since i end up pressing both. but yea i enjoyed it

Dadgum kids today got no patience. In my day controls never worked, and dying brought you back to the beginning of the game, and we LIKED it!

Seriously though, great game, really challenging. 4/5 just because the jump, I feel, was a little too short, especially in the later stages. Really brought back fond memories of "GODDAMNIT I PRESSED THE FUCKING BUTTON PIECE OF SHIT GAME." Great job!

My only real question is with game design: the slow motion is quite jarring, and while acceptable, coupled with the loose controls... I feel this game could've used swim lanes to greater effect.

I did finish it, it wasn't impossible, it just felt...unfinished in that regard.