Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

It's a very good game, but slowmo's are really annoying.

Haha good game I like it haha :)

overall great game, but i do have one complaint. i felt like the animations could have been more streamlined. like sometimes i would cut a baddie and have to jump immediately after, and sometimes the jump animation wouldn't proc because i was in the middle of the cut. i feel like that's something that should be looked at.

Wow, here I was thinking you were just exaggerating. It turned out to be way harder than I thought! I guess it's mostly because I couldn't tell the difference between the two buttons. Seriously, that was my biggest problem. I kept on just dying and dying until I couldn't advance! There were just too many enemies as well.

At first, I thought those black patches were things you were supposed to jump over. I'm freaking glad they were not. It got annoying having to hear that music at the beginning over and over. I guess this could have benefited from more checkpoints. The graphics are okay.

Not very hard, simply annoying