Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

I'm sorry, but this game is just awful. It's not a challenge, it's just difficult to play by design.

The perspective chosen is the worst possible for this type of game, where you just have to pray that you're lined up with the walls (Think you have the time to check your shadow? No. You don't).

You can barely control your character, too. This isn't a game that gets any charm from slippery controls or hoping that you don't run into any narrow corridors. In the end, this is all about luck, and how many times you're willing to push Space in the hope that the random generator gives you something manageable.

0/5, a complete failure.

Challenging, but fun. The graphics are interesting and the checkpoint system is nice.

everything is pretty nice, but the achievement popup pretty much killed me everytime it came up since I could not see where I was

Great game for something so short and simple.
I think that the level of difficulty is perfect - I have to be careful to time jumps & attacks, but it is forgiving enough that I don't have to be pixel perfect. This is especially useful as you can have two obstacles almost on top of each other, making pixel-perfect timing more or less impossible. My only gripe is more to do with NG than you - the medal pop-ups sometimes get in the way of the view, which can be annoying!

Pretty fun! I feel that the perspective choice was a mistake, though - the angle can make it really difficult to tell whether you're about to run into a wall or not.