Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

Extremely unforgiving in places, like when it puts an enemy in front of a pit so attacking cancels out your ability to jump over said put, and the slow motion is off-putting when it first starts happening because the game doesn't give you a heads up that it's about to happen, but really helpful once you get used to it ;)
Graphics are awesome, and the music is very Lego Battles-esque (if anyone knows what that game is, then you're awesome too). Overall, great lil' game! A lot of fun!

eesh, slippery controls, horrid camera angle, enemies placed in front of pits so that your attack animation stops you from being able to jump. What i really wanna know is why you didn't just have the knight snap to a lane making this angle actually work.

I liked its old-bit charm. It was short and I liked that too for this kind of game. I actually didn't get some of the medals popup, but it was fun.

I love the types of games that give you the controls and leave the rest for you to figure out. Many games nowadays hold your hand, telling you to kill this, go here and capture this point, etc. Why can't there be more games like this that throw you into the thick of it and have you figure things out on your own.

Anyways, I digress.

Graphics- 3/5
Pixel graphics are fairly common nowadays with only a few standing out from the rest. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those. Although I once had a fondness towards pixel graphics, I'm starting to grow tired of them not bringing anything new to the table.

Gameplay- 4/5
Simple four-button system is easy to learn, but harder to control at later stages of the game. I found myself falling onto the spikes much more after 300 meters because the jumps are so short you have to time them just right. The speed jumps after every 100 meters often screwed up my timing in survival mode causing death more often than I would have liked, but I liked the challenge.

Music- 3.5/5
Eh... It's music. It fits the mood of the game. Nothing outstanding, but nothing boring, either.

Take care,

I have completely no idea why people are having a hard time playing this game to be honest.
I found it pretty easy, finished it on the third try.
And by the way, you don't have to worry about the monsters if you just hold down CTRL.

Really though, the game isn't as responsive as it could be, I admit, but it isn't incompetent or just hard; it might be challenging, but not hard or impossible and it isn't awfully bad, although that's just my opinion.
4,5 stars because of the response delay, but other than that, it was a well-wasted 10 minutes of my life!