Reviews for "One Way Dungeon"

It's a good and very challenging game. I noticed one big problem with survival however, if the game speeds up when you are over a pit or are about to jump you are essentially dead no matter how well it was time before. So there is an element of luck to this game regarding when the timer hits 100 and 300.

This piece of crap rocks!

Now why did bastard took one star...?

Well, it's not because of the graphics, no no! The graphics melted perfectly with the game itself. By the way, I had no performance problem.
I did't took the star for the multitude of creatures you ecounter, no way! And not because of the unanimated torches, noah!
It's because the crappy knight is bearing a shield which he can't even rise to parry a stupid axe!!!


Oh, and... great game, yeah...

So I finished it out of sheer obstinance, but I want to say this to all game developers.

If very precise timing is important to your game concept, DON'T USE FLASH!

Flash is a great platform for quick games, but it has drawbacks. Namely, it has a highly unpredictable event model, and it can't guarantee realtime results. That means I'm going to get to the last section of your game where I just got past three monsters and a pit in a row, and suddenly I run into a wall for no other reason than, say, my Flash player decided to run the garbage collector at that moment, or something on my OS decided to page out to disk. So, the whole game, a jerky blur already, jerks again, and there's no possible way other than luck to time the keystroke correctly.

Great game until the last section. But a game that's difficult because of the platform doesn't make your game laudably challenging or hard. It means you made a dumb design decision.

- The medal obtained just hid a large part of the screen, causing death
- I think its the awful NG ads, but my browser freeze every 4 seconds. Making it quite unplayable..

Nice graphics :)

The thing that killed me most was not the pit nor the mosters. I don't know if bullet time was intended to be making the game harder but it sure does. It's very cheap way of making the game harder.