Reviews for "Mortal Kombat FAILtality2"

This is good enough that it blows the original out of the water!! :D

LOL! This is just as hilarious as the first, with my favorite part being Johnny Cage screaming "NO GOD! NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" like Steve Carrel from the Office. Make a third Mortal Kombat FAILtality please!

A few funny ones, but unfortunately it was not as good as the first one.

This one was a bit different, as it was a movie and not an interactive point-and-click like the last one. This probably didn't make much difference, but it kind of lacks the classic feel as a result.


Sheeva ending almost killed me :P , who ever came with arnold schwarzenegger voice over idea is a genius,, YAUAALLL YAUALL ,,, lol