Reviews for "Vertical Seafood Taco"

Ahhhh yes. Just imagine a whole generation of youngsters singing this song (hey don't throw forks at me for pointing out a serious issue with pop music for children today), without knowing its about the female sex organ, and Im not talking about that sexy piano Gooseman plays.

BTW I looked up Vertical Seafood Taco on the info sites. Urban dictionary says its a really, really gross and nasty, uncleaned vagina. that is why it may smell like fish, and be quite squishy to boot.

It Has Been A Couple Months Since I've Seen One But I Do Believe This Song Is About Vagina!

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its stuck on my head
...............pass the salt XDDDDDD

is it a metaphor for vagina?

Fernando Reminds me of Fabio Lanzoni XD