Reviews for "Time to Madness Part01"

Supreme! Smooth animation run, epicly packed action and advanced batlle performance.
And I prefer option #1: Enemy, beacuse it's classic watching a protagonist fighting his way up against some powerful enemys before he gets to the main boss.

You Improved, Congratulation,
Less Backflip but it's unrealistic again, well, probably the first time i like your video, the story is not really great (start) but it was okay, and some Original Ideas, I Hope to see Moreof you, Personnally i prefer the RedBlack Man, i forgot his name, if you use for the end the Man who he brought it, it will have no sence. Just saying : Need a little effort for some mouvement.

pls win the enemy

Amazing start for a series awesome work!!!
And i say Fred!! :3

Great animation! I vote #1.