Reviews for "Game Grumps - ITS NO USE!"

Pls no Game Grumps fan animations... not on newgrounds.....
But real talk, this was pretty mediocre. I find it weird how the style constantly switched from pencil tool to paint stroke. And really, no stop frame? I personally can't stand listening to the animation loop over and over while I'm writing this review. Also, like I said before, newgrounds is not the place for these game grumps animations. If you're going to place animations on here, it'd be best to make your own audio. That's all I've got to say.

this is a great animation lol

I remember this episode! I was wondering when someone would animate this...Mainly because I almost pissed myself when watching that part of the episode...

Good work. Greatly animated!

Such an overused meme, but absolutely hilarious, in a crazy way.