Reviews for "Uporot'sya"

Ehh... good start, but commands are wonky and there is way too little time. Spelling is weird sometimes and needs to be proofread. Nice concept and such, but needs to be a little more finished.

sryy brotha, but the game just doesn't work! something is wrong with graphics and there are no colours but just some pink, black and white pixels. Then I really don't get how to play it to the end. sry brotha, but u shall try harder next time.

forgotten-red responds:

Lol, it's CGA, have you ever seen it?
We've made an "old-style" (ha-ha) game, old both in gameplay and graphics.


hilariously bad dialogue, fairly easy to grasp. Lacks length but has a clear goal. Cool art style.

I don't get it but its BOOORING!!!!11