Reviews for "Uporot'sya"

*sigh* What. In the ass. Did I just play?
I'm going to skip talking about the Engrish, because I know how hard surmounting language barriers can be. But I would suggest that, if one must surmount a language barrier, one is better off not making text-based games.
My main beef is that there's little in the way of guidance (aside from the alien concept of "uporot" and the fact that I apparently need more of it), and even if there was, there's little point. I guess a game about procrastination could be interesting, but I just don't see what motive I should have to keep playing (aside from inertia, and the fact that it's only about two minutes worth of content--and more like 30 seconds if you know what you're doing).
As an aside, I HATE reviewing these "made in 24 hours" games, because even though I know the consistently low quality should be offset in my mind by the miniscule production time, I still have to acknowledge that the quality is consistently low.

Very fun text game

Oddly confusing, no real help, not really my thing, textures were awful (even if it was "the style"). Might appeal to someone else perhaps, not me.

This game made no sense at all.

I did not know what to do because there was not any instructions. I would have been ok with a little bit of instructions. Also when I type in some commands, they do not work. Please fix these.