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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

Pretty fun game, reminds me a bit of Stratosphere, in a good way :)

As has been written elsewhere, I greatly enjoyed the game, but think it could use a bit of work. If you aren't already familiar, try 'StarScape' by Moonpod. Has a similar feel, though vastly different game play.
The sound/music could use some variety, and though I've tried several set-ups, the difficulity of the last stage is significantly higher than the previous stages. I'd love to see unlimited modules, but at increasing prices or something. So that if I keep trying long enough, I can eventually get whatever build amuses me.

Last level was very difficult. Even with all the best weapons/etc I couldn't find a configuration that would survive. Then I figured out a strategy that made it simple: put all your shields/fuel/upgrades on one side and all of your weapons/collectors on the other, then fly to the appropriate side of the screen. This not only concentrates your firepower, but also makes most of the enemies simply leave you alone. The ship is ugly, but it makes the level child's play...

I like it, mainly cause it's a harvesting game, although not diverse. Small and simple.
Also like fighting baddies and upgrades.

The 'left and right' and 'front' astroports are vice versa. (They expand the opposite of the description)
Don't know how that was missed... lol

Good music, pretty fun.

It's unfortunate that there are no upgrades to improve ship handling.
There are WAY too many stars, they immediately became a nuisance.