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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

cool game, but i dont like the always cubic ship, i think you have to change the panel

I really liked this game, addictive! chewi-gum style and nice music!

nice game! the last zone on last level is almost impossible, but possible and i also agree, that the number of stars should have been more balanced.

Have to agree with the guy below or next page. Last level is overkill, because you go from easy to a little resistance to hard. The difficulty curve is a little weird on the last level. But the game mechanics are cool, I like the game a lot and the upgrade system is clear and easy to understand. Give a little more backstory and boss fights and maybe more weapon arsenal like lasers and photon cannons and such, and you have an awesome game. Good job overall, can't complain.

This is a great game and concept but being able to drive the ship more than slowly left and right, as well as to have a non-rectangle but still large ship would be nice. Possibly the build screen could have the ship enlarged, to make building easy and the actual game play ship would be smaller so as to allow the ship more room to manuver.