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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

Really good game! Simply to play, u dont have to read much before u know whats going on, and whats the point of the game. The drag and drop just make everything smore smooth and better :D!

As has been written elsewhere, I greatly enjoyed the game, but think it could use a bit of work. If you aren't already familiar, try 'StarScape' by Moonpod. Has a similar feel, though vastly different game play.
The sound/music could use some variety, and though I've tried several set-ups, the difficulity of the last stage is significantly higher than the previous stages. I'd love to see unlimited modules, but at increasing prices or something. So that if I keep trying long enough, I can eventually get whatever build amuses me.

Really enjoyed the game, thanks... and Agentcrucible review pretty much sums up everything.

I liked the game enough to beat it.
It just seems like so much was missing since I couldn't control the ship more than swaying left or right.
I felt like one of those little kids at the arcade that go up to a machine in "demo mode" and pretend they are playing the game :-(

This has some potential. With some more work, it could be a pretty decent game. In it's present state, however, it's more of a sim than anything else. It literally requires zero work to beat. I didn't actually move my ship once the entire time.