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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

It's pretty messed up in some places, but the concept is amazing.
One small mistake that I encountered was that the horizontal and vertical expansions are reversed. They're priced appropriately for what they do, but the horizontal expands vertically and the vertical expands horizontally.

Too bad there isn't much gameplay. You just watch how you ship automatically destroys everything in your path or how you get destroyed. The only thing that makes this game good enough is that it has a manually upgrade system. You should try to make the ship smaller and be able to dogde ships and attacks.

This is an ok game, but outside of sort of piloting and kind of upgrading your ship which is essentially a slow moving barge auto piloted through space and hopefully having enough juice and fire power to take down an enemy with as much, or even less manoeuvrability. Gets a little wearing. You're flying a rectangle bristling with mostly unfair advantages into a bunch of enemies, who only by sheer numbers can hope to overwhelm you as you drift head on into their mostly unavoidable fire.
It's still playable, just kind of dull.

It is fun, but the graphic for one of my thrusters would displace off the top of the viewing area when I was in build mode. It would come back when I started a mission. Eventually another thruster was displaced, then the game crashed, gave me a fatal error message (couldn't read the numbers before the screen changed) and won't continue the game.

very fun